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Expert Fitting with High End Technology

At the Ballarat Golf Club Pro Shop we pride ourselves on spending time with our golfers to provide a thorough evaluation of your needs and provide you with the best solution to improve your game.

Our role is to provide the best performing, custom fit golf clubs possible and in some cases, this can mean a swing adjustment is required before your club fit can begin.

We can always just 'fit you' for golf clubs however as PGA Professional it is important for us to understand your swing, where you are going with your stroke and to fit you accordingly to ensure your new clubs will be the right ones to take you on your golf journey to improvement.

A fitting will begin with an assessment of your swing, providing your golf professional with the opportunity to make any necessary changes to help you to produce a consistent ball flight.

Fitting options available for Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putters with brands such as Titleist, Vokey, Taylormade, Cobra, PING and Cleveland all available in store

Once your swing has been assessed the fitting will begin with the following steps:
  1. Test your current golf clubs’ specifications
  2. Confirm you are using the correct specifications (example - length and lie angle) and correct accordingly using face tape and a lie board.
  3. Test for the correct shaft type (example - graphite or steel, regular flex or stiff flex, light, mid or heavy weight)
  4. Fine tune to find your new golf club/s using Trackman to compare the results (example – launch, spin rate, dispersion and distance).
  5. Dial in the new club/s with the new found specs (shaft length, shaft type, lie angle)
  6. Select club/s composition, determine grip, material and size and order your new clubs. GET EXCITED!!

We recommend once you have your new set you should use these 2 or 3 times so you can start to gauge how far each club travels. This is then the time to book your next fitting session to finalise the results of your new set.

Using a Launch Monitor, our Pro's can dial in your new clubs so that you know all your distances and ball flights for each club. Enquire in the Pro Shop for more details and pricing on this service.

Often over looked is the final stage of the process…. you often get your car tuned don't you? and the same principal is true for your golf swing.

Keep on top of your lessons and keep checking in to ensure your swing is in tact and keep those shiny new clubs performing right for you.